Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ANWAR Keeps the Government on its TOES

It seems there are so many conspiracy theories that the Government is becoming bogged down with many meetings and plans to twart the takeover plans.
According to the latest story from malaysiakini Expect 'surprise' on Sept 16, says Anwar , Anwar may even fly to Taiwan to meet with those MPs who want to discuss matters with him.

Those MPs will definitely remember their study tour and it would be interesting to see how much cloak and dagger stuff will take place in Taiwan as everyone tries to arrange secret meetings.

On the other hand it could be just another guerilla tactic - just announce one is going to Taiwan and maybe another 4 MPs might tail him so as to keep track of his every move.

Within UMNO itself, another top leader has suggested that AAB should step down - hardly the best place to do it and not giving much face to the PM when you speak to a Forbes press conference.

Poor Abdullah, the job must be really quite a burden now.

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