Monday, September 22, 2008

How Can malaysiakini Describe SEXUAL ABUSE as "Indiscretions"?

I find this article in malaysiakini outrageous.
You can read about how the 'Sexual abuse of Penan women': Company in the dark as reported by the "Bruno Manser Fund (BMF) that loggers were frequenting Penan settlements in the Middle Baram area ‘looking for women’."

From the report it appears that some workers of the logging companies prey on the local women and the situation is worse during school holidays as the workers know that the school girls are back from their boarding schools.

What upsets me is that the article describes the incidents as "The Swiss-based NGO claimed that these indiscretions have resulted in pregnancies."

Either BMF or malaysiakini is describing a criminal act as an indiscretion. Now how do you expect the police to act on this kind of statement?

Photo: Thanks to BMF

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Lets Abolish ISA = IKUT SUKA AKU!!!

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