Thursday, September 11, 2008

UNFAIR for malaysiakini to Put All the BLAME on One Guy

This article in malaysiakini Ahmad Ismail - the one-man wrecking crew is a little unfair.

To me he is just a catalyst that has tapped on all the suppressed emotions of all the members of BN parties. Sometimes the wrecking ball is a very efficient method to tear down barriers and begin to reconstruct.

You will remember that some UMNO leaders have even told the PPP to get out of the BN not that long ago.
Today it is a different story as UMNO needs the other parties to stay in power. It was quite interesting to note that the PPP President mentioned that that was the first time in the BN Council that everyone was able to speak and be heard.

So will the BN evolve faster and get ready for the next elections challenge? Will we get a Prime Minister who enjoys the support of the majority of the component parties and not just because he/she is the President of UMNO?
That is one way for the BN to progress - if you don't treat your partners with respect, you cannot expect loyalty when you need it.


Malaysian said...

saya percaya Isu Menumpang ini ada motif di sebaliknya...

lihatlah ni...

Kenapa Ahmad Berani Ingkari Arahan

Rakyat Malaysia!
Jangan Terpengaruh dengan taktik MEREKA!!!


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