Wednesday, September 24, 2008

from malaysiakini - Petrol Price Reduction RIDICULOUS!

The petrol price reduction is really nothing to cheer about.
According to malaysiakini Govt set to cut petrol price by 10 cents - news report you can see that the price reduction is only 25sen down from the hefty 78sen increase in June.

Within a space of three months, we have seen three price adjustments and the unfortunate result is that the inflationary effect of the major increase in June is not going to be reduced by these 2 smaller decreases.

It seems that the authorities panicked in June instead of going for a series of gradual increases like 30 to 35sen in June and without the cumbersome price rebates exercise.
Are we supposed to be grateful for this?


Why Cares said...

At RM2.45 , my petrol bill is only Rm1.225 per litre.

I use hydrofuel on demand.

Yah.. Hoo..

TheWhisperer said...

What to expect from chronic takers? It's has always been their culture to take than to give.

Make sense now?

Ikrak said...

In the first why did some people voted for these UMNO bastards?

Bikini Girl said...

You all must remember gov. give RM625.00 for this year plus 15sen on aug. and now another 10sen. do not just look on the 10sen but you forgot on the RM625 that you already put in your pocket. Jangan mudah lupa..

H J Angus said...

thanks for yr visit and commenting.

bikini girl.
Yeah I forgot about the RM625 that was given - because I did not get it!