Friday, September 26, 2008

malaysiakini Should Cover the "ENGLISH in EDUCATION" Controversy

This important subject has been missing from malaysiakini and I suggest they should do a few articles on the issues, the policies and the weakness in the present system.

I understand that even after more than 5 years some teachers are still struggling to teach Maths and Science in English so it is hardly surprising that pupils also struggle with the mish-mash of language used by teachers.
Maybe the MoE should inform the public how many teachers are really qualified to teach Maths and Science using English?

So the Education Ministry is planning to introduce a new paradigm shift (sounds familiar?) for primary education as there will be More emphasis on schoolwork from 2010 .
As usual it all looks good on paper. Were the parent-teachers associations involved in the development of this new approach or is it another of those "I Had a Dream" schemes?
Unless the MoE raises the standards and salaries of teachers who create and mould our future citizens, we will always be stuck with mediocre results.

Since the emphasis is going to be on more school-work, I suggest that really weak students be required to attend some remedial classes during long school holidays so that the minimum standard of writing, reading and arithmetics is attained at Primary 6.

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