Friday, September 12, 2008

malaysiakini Suggests PAKATAN's Tactics a RUSE to Unsettle Government

I don't believe that PR is really serious about the takeover of Government but it is an act of brinksmanship to unnerve the Government.

This article in malaysiakini Pakatan concedes it may miss deadline>

But it looks like the style of guerilla politics is working well as the government looks shaky with even a Cabinet minister doing a Brutus on the Prime Minister.

Of course the hurried, no frenzied packing off of 49MPs to Taiwan was a graphic example of a government in disarray. I say has someone applied to the Guinness Records for the most law-makers on the same study trip?

The manner in which the authorities react also enables the PR to see who are the probable candidates to support them in the next elections.

Now that will be the final campaign for many old MPs.

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