Wednesday, September 10, 2008

malaysiakini Story Suggests ARMY Wants to MIX in POLITICS?

So far our Armed Forces have never staged a military take-over and except for a few dark days during the May13 incident have conducted themselves in a professional manner.

But I think the malaysiakini article Racial issues: Army chief tells gov't to act suggests that the Armed Forces Chief has spoken out of place.

We are a civilian government and his comments can be taken as an interference in political matters. If he wanted to express his concerns, it should have been to the Prime Minister and in private.

Was it was an indirect advice to the police to take action fast so that small racially charged incidents do not escalate? That too should be a private conversation.

I am surprised that the WANITA leader does not realise that but instead uses the AFC's speech to reinforce her views.

I suggest that all our history books be corrected so that everyone knows that we are all immigrants and the only difference is that some have lived here for thousands of years, others a few hundred years and the rest only for a few generations. That way, we can all politely call each other "immigrant".

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