Wednesday, May 6, 2009

malaysiakini on WEARING Black.....

The arrest of a non-violent activist as reported in malaysiakini certainly rings alarm bells for liberty in Malaysia.
This free article in malaysiakini is worth reading Wear black to protest Wong's arrest describes how the government is certainly acting like the proverbial elephant in the china-shop.
Even a peaceful protest is being stifled with the Sedition Act.
Wearing black can hardly be considered a serious offence - it is not even a misdemeanor compared to the atrocities heaped upon ordinary citizens like:

1.Plotting the overthrow of a legitimate state government.
2.Using the police to thwart a proper state assembly meeting.
3.Allowing errant judges to remain free at large.
4.Condoning corrupt leaders to remain in public office after being found guilty of money politics.

Maybe we don't really need to wear black. The body of our nation Malaysia has been battered blue and black all over and wearing black only covers up the many bruises and batterings.

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