Friday, May 8, 2009

At Last Some GOOD NEWS from malaysiakini.....

According to this malaysiakini article Gov't to free Hindraf trio and 10 others.
This is excellent news and I wonder why they were not released earlier when Najib first came to office.
The effect would have been better then but now it seems the government realises the mood of the people is not good towards such a repressive detention. Still it will be good for these folks to go back home.
The detention under ISA has clearly been more for political reasons and because of any terrorist threat.

Surely the police are capable enough to find some evidence to charge some of the remaining people with some offence like damaging property, conspiracy etc?
Simply arresting anyone under ISA like reporters and politicians smacks of gross incompetence and even abuse of the laws.

The other good news is about the recapture of Mas Selamat, the escapee from Singapore. That capture shows that PDRM can do good work if they put their mind to it and not get embroiled in political intrigues.
There is a joke about Mas Selamat escape. Even Singaporeans used to spread this joke. After the intensive and extensive island search, many said that he probably fled to Malaysia as there is a sign that reads "Selamat Datang ke-Malaysia" on the Causeway.
For those who do not know Malay, that translates to "Welcome to Malaysia".

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Trashed said...

The 3 HINDRAF activists were probably kept as bargaining chips or as diversions to offset the rakyat's distaste for unlawful actions such the Perak fracas.

While people talk about GE13, one must be mindful that GE13 may not happen if the PM of the day declares a state of emergency (for whatever reason by Dec 2012), That automatically suspends Parliament and the functioning of other institutions.

Having seen what the BN employs to achieve its end, do not discount this. I hope it does not happen, of course, but there could be agent provacateurs that could start building dissent and making all kinds of statements to put a wedge between the rakyat.

Much like blogging where cybertroopers keep sniping away to create the potential for widespread arrests.