Thursday, May 14, 2009

malaysiakini and ROBBERY of a DIFFERENT Kind.....

You can read of how Perakians are being robbed of their rightful state leader in this malaysiakini article Nizar's stay application fixed for Monday which indicates that even the justice system is weighed heavily in favour of BN supporters.
Of course the judicial system has lost much of its prestige just like the PRDM who appear to be a law unto themselves with their rejection of the IPCMC which you will remember was to curb indiscipline and wrong-doing among the cops.

We allowed the Judiciary to be plundered more than 20 years ago and we witnessed how the police practise double standards - no doubt following the example of their political masters who practise money politics on a grand scale.
Will we also allow the legislature to be denied their proper role in our democracy?

Today there is another story that tells of a massive fraud in the Selangor land office that took place about 20 years ago. Those involved like the politicians and land officials should be hauled to court for corruption and the land should be returned to the state.
Speaking of the land office, I must write that one year has seen a major improvement in the Johore land office.
I witnessed the following when I went there to pay quit rent.
1.The office was almost empty. Usually at this time of the year, the office will be congested.
2.There was no need to get the quit rent statement like before and that saves paper and printing.
3.My number was called within 5 minutes - usually it would take about 30 minutes.
4.You can pay by credit card.
5.You can pay by cheque but this is only for companies. Don't understand the logic as to why individuals also cannot use cheques.
6.You can pay online but only using Maybank. I suggest all banks should be included for easier payment.

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