Friday, May 15, 2009

malaysiakini and a FEW GOOD THINGS about the PERAK CRISIS...

they have this article about the ongoing Perak crisis The silver lining in Perak crisis and I agree that there is some hope left for Malaysians but we need to address the issues fast; just like the Appeals Court that granted the infamous stay within 24 hours.

In the way, the March 2008 elections result is a delayed reaction to the May13 incident and only now are more Malaysians able to discuss that unhappy period without blinkers.
If we compare Malaysia and Indonesia that also underwent a few periods of rioting, I daresay that Indonesia has forged ahead in the democratic process compared to Malaysia and we appear to be regressing with so many state institutions tainted with serious corruption.

No I don't believe that an incident similar to May13 will happen in Malaysia but I suggest that it is quite possible that a people's revolt can occur. Especially since the people have seen how a few dozen people can barge into the Perak State Legislature and drag off the legitimate Speaker Sivakumar and install a new Speaker after a dubious proceedings.

It is quite possible for a High Court Judge or even the Prime Minister to be chucked out without due process unless we all abide by the rules that have served us well.
One basic reason that most laws are broken in Malaysia is that there is only selective enforcement and persecution.

Since the BN has welcomed talks to settle the Perak crisis, I suggest the following would be acceptable to the Perak folks:

1.BN will accept status quo before the Perak coup.
2.By-elections to be held for the seats that had cross-overs.
3.The federal authorities will not disturb PR states via cross-overs but work in a cooperative manner for all Malaysians.

To effect the above, Najib, Anwar and the 2 MBs should seek a joint audience with the Sultan and promise that the state government will be left in peace.

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