Monday, May 18, 2009

malaysiakini and WHY We Could Be Headed for MAJOR PANDEMIC in Malaysia

We could be heading for a major outbreak of H1N1 flu in Malaysia if we simply carry on business as usual.
According to this malaysiakini article World flu figures soar with schools in Kobe Japan closing after students there developed symptoms.
We know of three reported cases of this new strain in Malaysia and even now the health and immigration authorities have not been able to trace all the passengers of the infected flight from the Newark flight that carried the first case from the USA.
We all know how easy it is for people to remain undetected in Malaysia like the case of the private eye who made contradictory SDs some months ago and also the case of Mas Selamat who stayed undetected in Johor for over a year.
So why am I sounding the panic over H1N1?
Since no nation really has a fool-proof way to prevent the spread of the infectious virus and the only method is through a strict quarantine regime and avoiding personal contacts, it looks like the authorities are planning to cripple the nation's economy through unnecessary gatherings.
According to this MSM report they want to gather 417,000 ex-NS trainees "to gauge whether they still have the patriotism spirit."
I'm not sure what you think about NS but to me the program should be suspended untill the H1N1 outbreak subsides or we could have a serious national problem.
Even if one traineee get this flu in camp, we will have a major problem coping with an outbreak more widespread than the last deadly Nipah virus outbreak.
Even if there is no H1N1 flu, questions should be asked why the NS program needs ex-trainees to gather physically as a gathering of 417,000 will cost at least RM41.7million even if one takes an average of RM100 for each traineee to cover food, transport and lodgings.
Or is this part of the "stimulus package"?


nckeat88 said...

This so called H1N1 pandemic are just bullshit. It is con job created by the american so that fear can be instilled into the world to sell their vaccine. If you review the statistic of YB, malaria or even dengue, the statistic show these diseases are at least 10000X worse than the H1N1 in term of morbidity and mortality.

In the experience of last bird flu, the Asian countries has wasted BILLIONs of dollars to buy the vaccines. Majority of the stockpile is still being kept and expired unused.

PeterP said...

I suppose the people who died of this pandemic are also involved in the conspiracy and con job.
Jeez, some people would believe anything !