Saturday, May 9, 2009

Is the PERAK State Secretary Behind the SACKING of the SPEAKER?

The person who ordered the police to physically remove the speaker and "imprison" him is guilty of a serious crime against all the orders that govern the legislature.
Looking at the way the State Secretariat was locked down with the resulting "under the tree" sitting and the way the last assembly was notified without the knowledge or approval of the Speaker, it seems that the power has been usurped by the State Secretary or someone who gave him instructions.
It is important for both sides of the House to ascertain the dubious role played by the State Secretary for it seems he has breached many of the house rules.
As for the Speaker, I guess he should have forseen such an eventuality and arranged better security but even that would have been nullified by the Police who became a power unto themselves.
Yes we seem to have a Police state in the making and the basic reason is the government has failed to keep the force in order when they resisted the IPCMC. Surely it should be evident to all Malaysians now?

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