Tuesday, May 12, 2009

malaysiakini and FOLLOWING the LAW into CHAOS for PERAK?

malaysiakini has this article on the Perak imbroglio in which But Najib says no snap elections in Perak but that the BN just wants to follow the proper process of the law.
To most ordinary folks in Malaysia, we have seen how the law has been twisted to plant a "bogus" MB under a false pretence and created such a "cock-up" (pardon my language) of the Perak legislature.

We have seen how the Police were deployed to prevent the legitimate MB from occupying his office and the worst incident was the forceful removal of the Perak Speaker from the Assembly. What law is he talking about?

Is this part of the 1Malaysia hoo-ha?
Of course no one likes to get thrashed in elections but I suggest there would be more honour in that than to continue to rule under some irrelevant laws.
I am no expert in constitutional law and all the intricacies but the will of the people is paramount in this case rather than 3 or 5 judges deciding the appeal.

In fact Malaysia will develop politically if both the BN and PR leaders make a joint appeal to the Sultan to dissolve the assembly which now appears more like a scene from "Animal Farm".

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