Monday, May 11, 2009

malaysiakini and the FUTURE for MALAYSIA

This is an interesting article from malaysiakini with the heading Voters are not stupid.
For too long, political parties hve been taking Malaysians for granted and by having one dominant party since independence, the various institutions have been subjected to powerful corrupting influences.

1.We know that the police is struggling with a poor perception of the public with corruption and indiscipline with their rejection of the IPCMC.
2.We have seen how the Judiciary became tainted after the Judges' fiasco more than 20 years ago with the Lingam tapes implication of the Chief Justice.
3.We have witnessed how the Executive manages high profile cases like the Altantuya murder and the Lingam follow-up.
4.We see how the tainted Judiciary decide on state constitutional matters when they have no authority to do so.
5.We are still shocked at the shameful and illegal manner in which the Perak Speaker was forcibly removed by the Police from a supposedly important pillar of our democracy.

Most Malaysians are peace-loving and with a high tolerance for each others faults and this despite all the government's efforts to create disharmony with its racist policies.
Yes, Malaysian voters are not stupid. If anything, they just regret that they did not throw out this goverment many years ago.
I believe that the March 2008 elections shows that in the next Elections we will have a change of government unless the elections are frozen for years with Emergency rule.

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