Saturday, May 23, 2009

malaysaikini and the NEW ELECTION SYSTEM?

I believe this proposal by the Elections Committee as reported in malaysiakini Thumb print biometric system for 13th GE? is not that critical for ensure a proper administration of the democratic process especially for the next General Elections.
Given the sorry state of the state's vital institutions, this is a critical period to try and change the fundamental manner to determine election results.
After the Appeal Court's decision on the 2 Perak MBs, one can surely sense the real anger of the common folks about an "instant noodle" Judiciary that does not care to write written judgements.
Instead of spending perhaps RM100m on an unproven biometric election system, the EC would do better if it implemented a few simple steps to strengthen the democratic process like the following:

1.Reduce postal voters to those who are really engaged in combat duties or in remote locations. Ensure that party workers are able to observe the postal voting arrangements.
2.Arrange for all overseas Malaysians to cast votes in the major capitals of the world where we have diplomatic missions.
3.Make use of indelible ink. After all, they decided it was good enough to purchase a few million ringgit for the last elections.

The biometric method should not be used unless it has been properly tested in at least 5 by-elections and if the contract is awarded based on open tender with international companies bidding.

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