Thursday, May 7, 2009

malaysiakini and the BIRTH of a POLICE STATE?

I have always had the view that the failure of the government to implement the IPCMC is a major blow to our progress as a democratic nation.
In fact the government did not fail to implement the IPCMC - they did much worse. You see the government "chickened" out after a group of officers apparently resisted the government's move after the Royal Commission found out many flaws in how the police operated.
We all know well about the many deaths of suspects in police custody and rampant money politics in major political parties. Not to forget the Lingam tapes inquiry that should have put a few people in the dock for corruption and conspiracy charges.
Maybe the government could not take action like the IPCMC as it was bluntly told that many of its own leaders had cases that had been "held back" for political reasons.
Somehow I believe that the IPCMC was watered down as a "quid pro quo" that allowed everyone to carry on with their sordid business as usual.
Unfortunately as this malaysiakini article on the rape of Perak shows, the police have now become "a bully force" for the ruling party and have violated all the codes of an independent force.
Sivakumar dragged out shows how the conniving forces of the BN and the Police have joined to commit a grievous injury to politics and liberty in Perak.
It is a good indication of what can happen after the next general elections when the BN is expected to lose power.
The police have shown that they prefer BN rule as they will be free to carry on their usual practices of detention of innocent citizens who somehow irritate the political leaders.
So are you prepared to stand up and be counted or live forever shackled in your thinking?

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