Monday, May 11, 2009

malaysiakini and NAJIB'S Plan to "Solve" the PROBLEM?

I don't know how Najib plans to "solve" the problem and I suspect the good people of Perak don't give a damn about his proposals unless it is a blanket decision not to contest in the upcoming state elections.
According to malaysiakini Najib: BN to appeal against decision and to me it shows that somehow they hope to overturn this important decision of the High Court.
This problem was created by the BN who really showed their true colours. It is time that all loyal subjects in Perak started wearing black as a sign of protest.

If Nizar is still the MB, then the last fiasco in the Perak Assembly was null and void; especially the removal of the Speaker who endured such a grave injustice at the hands of the usurper and also the Police.
If Najib has any sense for the longer term, Perak is already lost and if he is not careful, the BN federal government will definitely fall in the next elections.
Zambri and co have committed a serious offence by staging the “coup” and should be brought to justice.
Instead of trying to defend Z, the A-G should be tasked to protect the state constitution and not expect taxpayers to pay for the crime against the state.
In fact the Sultan of Perak can invoke his power of banishment to such a person who has caused such a tragedy to befall his state. But even if he prefers not to do so, the people of Perak will definitely boot him out.

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