Tuesday, May 19, 2009

malaysiakini and DEFENDING our FREEDOM....

I thought there was going to be a major review of the ISA laws but clearly this article in malaysiakini shows the powers-that-be are still chugging along with dinosaurian mental capacity.
Whatever you may think about his political bent, one cannot help but admire this man's tenacity to thumb his nose at the authorities.
Uthayakumar to skip Kamunting meet describes how this guy refuses to bend to the authorities' demand for him to present himself before the Advisory Board who want to decide if he should be detained further under the ISA.
Maybe the reason is that he did not sign the papers so the authorities cannot file them in neat folders and with our bureaucracy, that is a serious "no-no".
Under the ISA, the authorities can hold you at the whim and fancy of the Home Minister for 2 years without any charge in a court and when they release you without even an apology for unlawful detention, they expect you to sign papers with certain conditions like night curfew and others.
So Uthayakumar refused to sign the papers and the Kamunting officers decided he was too much of a hot potato and released him anyway.
In other words, he was released without any conditions in the eyes of the public. It would be foolhardy for the government to re-arrest him now under the ISA.
Maybe a misdemeanor for retaining prison garments? But why did the prison authorities allow him to walk out with government property?

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