Wednesday, May 20, 2009

malaysiakini and ASKING the IGP to RESIGN..

I guess we can all learn from the UK in asking top officials to step down.
Over there, the Speaker has been forced from office after the scandal of MPs expenses that included moat cleaning and phantom mortgage payments.
In Malaysia, there is a call from various bodies like the Bar Council and BERSIH for the IGP to resign and this article in malaysiakini YourSay: 'IGP not doing his job' reflects the perception that somehow the police have been unable to uphold to a high standard of service, except for the national leaders who get excellent service.
Why some of them are even trained to follow orders without question, even to the extent of blowing up unwanted bodies.
I wrote in an earlier article in support of the IGP when his contract was first extended by Badawi but with the provision that the PM needed a tough cop to implement the IPCMC but since that commission has not seen the light of day even after more than 2 years, I too suggest that the IGP should be retired as he has come of age and has undergone a major heart surgery.
I am sure we do have other capable cops who can step up to the plate to seriously reform the police.
As for the Home Minister, I will give him some grace period if he makes a public pledge to implement the IPCMC within 6 months.

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