Wednesday, April 1, 2009

malaysiakini and a SERIOUS APRIL FOOL's Joke

According to malaysiakini Opposition banned from raising Altantuya as her ghost is causing some people nightmares.

This action of the PDRM is really the low in human intelligence.
Someone from the Social Studies Dept of UM should go and do some IQ tests on the people in charge of this department.
Treating grown-up voters like small children will surely backfire on their plans.
For example, a skilled orator like Anwar and the others will entertain the crowd with:

Speaker: "Today we have been told by the Polis that we cannot mention a certain lady's name...Do you know whom I'm referring to?"


Speaker: "No, No. Cannot say the full name lah or the Polis will be unhappy. Let's see....when I count one, say the first half of the name-OK?"
OK --- One!

Crowd: "ALTAN!"

Speaker: Two!

Crowd: TUYA!
We cannot say what happened to her in Malaysia...Do you know what happened?"

Crowd: C4!

I can tell you why we are not allowed to say her name....Her immigration records of entering Malaysia were all deleted....That is in Malaysia's X-files.
Maybe Syed Hamid can explain?"

Crowd: BOTAK!

This type of police directive reminds me of the Dark Ages when people were burnt at the stake for believing that the sun is the centre of the solar system or that the world is round. But then again, people do get killed in police lock-ups nowadays.


PeterP said...

Ha ha ha ha. That's a very good one.
'BOTAK!' was truly side splitting.

H J Angus said...

Thanks for commenting.
Glad I entertained at least one reader! :(