Tuesday, April 28, 2009

malaysiakini and LOUSY Service from BN MONOPOLY....

Telekom Malaysia is one monopoly that has benefitted from its position in the telecoms industry.
But according to this letter in malaysiakini, we get provided a service that is more comparable to the poorer countries as Internet speeds: We're No 81! explains.
I happened to visit a shop dealing with Internet services and the guy asked me to check my internet connection speed.
We subscribe to the broadband streamyx package at RM66 per month.
So I went to speedtest.net and according to them, my average download is 0.92Mb/s while the average upload is 0.25Mb/s.
So I am not sure if upgrading to the promotion package of 1.0Mb/s is worth the charge of RM110 per month.
According to the letter, TM is being paid RM11bil to upgrade its services but I'm not sure if that means that connectivity speed will increase for ordinary folks.
It's time to develop an alternative provider so that consumers can check the performance of such companies.
In fact the Minister in charge of IT should impose fines when Net speeds do not match the minimum specs.

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PeterP said...

- A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. -

And in this case it's at almost double the price !!