Monday, April 6, 2009

malaysiakini and BEING FREE but WITHOUT FREEDOM

That seems to be the situation with the grand declaration of Najib about freeing the 13 detainees from the ISA, that draconian piece of legislation that deprives Malaysians of basic human rights and puts everyone under the threat of arbitrary arrest, torture and detention without trial.
Of course the families of the released can be grateful that they have their loved ones back as decribed in this malaysiakini article Hindraf duo and 11 others set free .
But the condition imposed for being released is not acceptable as it shows that a different type of abuse is being perpetuated by the Home Ministry.
According to the Malaysian Insider, Ganabatirao free to walk, not to talk.
To me this condition negates completely any goodwill that Najib wanted for his quick action. Even worse, it indicates that some detainees were subjected to harsh and cruel torture during their ISA detention.
It shows that the government has really abused the ISA laws for political reasons and not to protect public security.
We need to put this government on trial for the misrule of law.

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