Friday, April 17, 2009

Now Which JOURNALIST Should WE BLAME....?

malaysiakini has this article which reports that Najib said: Not the time for another by-election after it was announced that there would be another by-election for Penanti.
As a democracy, that is the only process to elect an assemblyman and I wonder why Najib is complaining seeing he was the main architect of the Perak turmoil.
I suggest the BN could do the following to show that it has the rak'yat's interests at heart.

1.Don't contest the elections.
2.Put in a second team so they gain some experience. That is what Ferguson does when his team plays unimportant matches.
3.Order your ministers not to campaign but to concentrate on getting the economy right.
4.Don't spend public resources on campaigning.

Seriously if he is already weary after just a few weeks in office will he reach the finish line for the next elections?


PeterP said...

He has four problems and huge ones at that.

1. There are enough wannabe heroes around him & in his party who think they would be able to halt the slide. Afterall, if they lose, they can always say that the 'feel good factor' hasn't reached the Northern part of the country yet!

2. Unlike Ferguson who has a fabulous first team and an fine second, Najib's first team itself dosen't inspire any confidence in anyone and even the bookies will not give you any odds on the second team!

3. Ministers not to campaign ? What, and miss the opportunity to spread a little manna around? Surely, they can't be denied the chance to make stupid statements so that their names and photos will make the MSM? No way Jose, cos' the next opportunity may only be in 4 yrs time.

4. Hey, didn't you know there is no public resources since they all belong to the Govt anyway to do with as they please. So please don't talk about things that do not exist ! You WILL be misquoted !!

Have a great weekend HJA.

H J Angus said...

Thanks for the good wishes at the bottom.

U sound utterly cynical! But I don't blame you.

PeterP said...

I'm sorry I came across as very cynical. I had meant it to be tongue in cheek.

In truth, I had given up on these clowns more than 20 yrs ago when the slogans ('bersih cekap amanah','Kepimpinan Melalui Teladan', etc) started to appear.

History will show that bad leaders will always resort to such slogans to hide their incompetencies. Hitler's Germany, Mao's China, Castro's Cuba, Khrushchev's USSR, and many more are examples of such in the past. Present examples are Mugabe's Zimbabwe and Chavez's Venezuela.

They all have one common streak - blind faith in the Leader. And that my friend will lead the country to ruin.

Say, what are your thoughts on the fresh proposals to revive the 'crooked' bridge ?

Chauncey Gardener said...

What will happen is that BN may not put up a candidate (since they fear NOT winning) but have an independant stand in.

If the independant wins, they can entice him over !!!

If independant loses, no skin off BN.