Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The Cabinet has made some noises about the conversion of minors when marriages break up but thus far nothing definitive has been established.
In a secular nation like Malaysia where religious tolerance is vital for a multi-racial nation, it is important that we do not allow those whose marriages have failed to create unnecessary problems that impact on society at large.

This story in malaysiakini Dad in the dark as sons converted to Islam is yet another case where a spouse converts their common off-spring to another religion when he or she breaks up the marriage.

Unfortunately Islam has been getting unnecessary bad publicity as mostly the cases involve a person becoming a Muslim and then changing the religion of the children even before the courts have decided how the case should be settled.
I think the Cabinet should take more urgent steps to work this matter through as this malpractice is affecting the very fabric of society.

We cannot allow estranged spouses to mess up the lives of their children with impunity. I suggest the laws be amended so that children are allowed to change religion only with the consent of both parents given freely in the court. Otherwise such conversions should be deemed null and void.

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Chauncey Gardener said...

The saddest part is that the Islamic authorities are well aware that their religion is being used for unjust objectives and yet refrain from applying good sense and justice.

It is not the religion at fault but its organisers in Malaysia ! One can understand why having secular laws will be so much more fair to all & sundry.