Friday, April 17, 2009

malaysiakini and the 1MALAYSIA CONCEPT?

We are all too familiar with the usual hype when a new PM takes office - great fanfare and nice slogans.
Not too long ago, we heard the "Work with me, not for me" catch phrase and then the PM went to sleep before he discovered his time was up.
Now we have the "1Malaysia" concept that no one is really sure what it is about.
But the recent results in the Federal Court on the Perak case seems to indicate that the Executive and the Judiciary have now combined forces to control the legislative as reported in this malaysiakini article Zambry vs Sivakumar: Court revokes suspension .
We know that the Judiciary became poisoned when judges were removed at the whim of the Executive and unfortunately Malaysians were too cowed to defend that institution compared to the Pakistanis who restored their Chief Judge within 2 years of sacking. Of course we paid some compensation for the pain of the sacked judges but the poison has weakened the judicial system.
The Lingam tape scandal too has not been resolved satisfactorily and that showed the unsavoury links between ministers and judges and all we hear is a deafening silence.
Now we feel that the Judiciary has still not regained its pristine reputation of old.
Maybe we need to get back to the Privy Council system for a fair and honest opinion from a third party?

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