Tuesday, April 14, 2009

malaysiakini and the CONTINUING RACIST Attitudes of POLITICIANS

It should not matter a hoot if we have honourable men and women in the Cabinet provided the government displays a fair sense of justice and equality for all citizens.
As a Eurasian minority under the disparaging "others" race category in forms, to which I sometimes enter "human", I really do not care about the composition of the Cabinet in its racial balance etc.
To me even if the members are all Chinese or Indian, if they are capable and can deliver the goods most of the time, it should be all right.
So this article in malaysiakini suggests that some people are not happy with the Cabinet lineup. Indian groups want more cabinet posts for MIC as if having more members can achieve better results.
If the top leaders are not fair nor just it really will not matter much.
This racist stance implies that only the MIC is capable of looking after the interests of Indians.
The bitter truth is that many BN components including UMNO have are not in touch with what voters now require - granting handouts is now perceived to be nothing more than "money politics".
UMNO should get rid of its "gratitude complex" expecting voters to just give them votes come by-elections. Voters demand a consistent and continuous performance using good policies and not "instant noodles".
I think UMNO will be well-advised to drop the term "Ketuanan Melayu" from its vocabulary if it really wants to have a chance in the next elections.

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