Wednesday, April 1, 2009

malaysiakini and FANTASTIC LEADS for the MACC

There was a recent call by the PDRM for the public to assist them in reducing crime rates.
That is a difficult task as the police have somehow been tainted too often with deaths in police custody and nothing seems to happen as in the case of that unfortunate young adult KUGAN.
The other body to combat corruption, the MACC claims that it will investigate all leads and action will be taken if there is good evidence.
So I wonder why thus far no one has moved an inch to get things moving in the case where according to malaysiakini 'State agency funded Khir's Paris Disney tour'.
In fact this case that also implicated Balkis and the Registrar of Societies smacks of cheating and criminal negligence.
It should give the MACC a good case to establish their credentials in the eyes of ordinary Malaysians.
Otherwise, the taxpayers may believe that someone is taking the Mickey out of them.

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