Saturday, April 25, 2009

malaysiakini SUGGESTS the Possible Source of Malaysia's ABYSMAL Culture...

of maintenance, that it.
We have heard so many national leaders complaining of our "third world" maintenance culture and perhaps this letter in malaysiakini explains part of the problem.
It appears that we have a Third World maintenance culture at UM .

Now if our students at UM are exposed to, and immersed in a poor maintenance environment, should we be surprised that when they hold important posts in the future, they will also accept such poor standards?
Of course, one other reason for the poor maintenance standards is that many such contracts are awarded without proper tenders and even less supervision; with shoddy jobs being approved for payment - maybe most of the payment is made even before the job commences.
Just a highlight. In Johor Bahru, some roads have been resurfaced so many times that the road level is almost the same as the road curb. In fact, the job was not a proper resurfacing but just a slap on and roll of a bitumin course by an unqualified contractor.

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