Friday, April 3, 2009

malaysiakini and the NEW PRIME MINISTER for MALAYSIA?

I guess many Malaysians are relieved that Najib has become the PM for that fulfills the RAHMAN prophesy and exactly little else.
According to this malaysiakini report,81 MPs ask king to put off Najib's appointment which probably explained the indecent haste to get him to the palace.
I believe the MSM reported that he had planned to accompany AAB when the latter was supposed to see the Agong to resign his post.
The reason for the question mark in the topic is that the new PM must act for the benefit of all Malaysians in all states and not just those under BN control.
It was quite telling to watch the Kelantan MB requesting better state-federal relations as after all we are "a persekutuan".
You can read the NST article here.

The new PM has a very daunting task as he must be able to face challenges on many fronts in order to survive.

I suggest he could do the following to get a good start on his OneMalaysia concept.

1.Since the economy is in dire straits, he could call an economic summit of all the states and work out how best to help the different state economies. I would even go as far as allocating perhaps 25% of the RM60bil stimulus package to the state governments so they too can coordinate local economic programs.

2.The public has a serious perception problem with the Police and Corruption in high places. I would order the AG to speed up the Lingam case and relook at the inquiry's findings. Also the Selcat hearing has been throwing up a lot of dirty laundry. It looks like a few people from different departments need to go to the cleaners. KUGAN is another case that must be handled now.

3.Downsize the Cabinet. Maximum should be 15 full ministers. Each minister can have 2or 3 deputy ministers as that is a good testing ground.

4.Let the Perak voters decide on the government they want and don't accept any cross-overs for state and federal seats.

Of course be aware that your own party members are waiting to see you falter. Know that some, no maybe many near you are just hoping you will trip and fall. That is when you will feel the political dagger in the back.

The ultimate test is that in 3 years, the Malaysian voters will decide if you pass the test of being Prime Minister of all Malaysians.

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