Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I refer to UMNO's desperate move during the latest 3 by-elections when they even got Mahathir to canvass for the BN.
The response of malaysiakini readers has been swift as seen in this article 'Have we now forgiven Mahathir?'.
Mahathir's rule can be considered the best and the worst for Malaysia.
Impressive edifices were built like the Petronas twin towers and a good network of roads were established especially in West Malaysia.
However, he ruled in an iron fist bull-dozing anything and everything that stood in his way.

Among the casualties:
1.He brought the royalty under control - a plus
2.He created a highway authority that is a heavy financial burden - not a PLUS
3.He destroyed the credibility of the Judiciary.
4.He allowed the PDRM to become more corrupt.
5.He made democracy in political parties a joke.

The only reason for UMNO to bring him back for such an official role is that the leadership lacks good ideas on how to untangle the mess he created.
It is akin to some people justifying the high retention bonus paid to some AIG executives as they claim "they know where the bodies are buried."

I must confess I used to admire TDM in the early years when he showed great drive and was able to get things done. The operative phrase is "used to".

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