Monday, April 27, 2009

malaysiakini and the EC PERFORMANCE

According to this malaysiakini article the EC has declared the Penanti poll on May 31.
As this is a week-end, it will definitely allow more outstation voters the chance to vote.
For some strange reason/s, the other by-elections were mostly held during the working week like on a Wednesday and this really created problems for working adults.
Hopefully this is a new practice adopted by the EC so that more Malaysians will take the effort to decide who should represent them in the state assembly or Parliament.
There was some doubts about the delay in announcing by the EC but they have done their work according to the laws on by elections.
However, the 10-day period was decided many years ago and information and communications have improved so much now that we should consider changing the law to reduce the period to say 5 working days?

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