Tuesday, March 31, 2009

malaysiakini and COPS Mixing in POLITICS

Just exactly what is the PDRM trying to do?
With their already badly tarnished image, the latest of which being the KUGAN murder case, they now want the Opposition banned from raising Altantuya in the 3 by-elections.
They should just leave politics aside and concentrate on keeping the peace. Of course if speakers do raise really serious matters and people flout the laws, the police should take action.

Discussing a serious topic like the Perak state constitution should not be considered a crime. In fact the police themselves should study the laws properly before they make bigger fools of themselves.
Such an order is not within their authority as we proclaim the practice of free speech.
So are the speakers now going to describe the "sorry misadventures of a Mongolian tourist who got blown to bits?"

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