Monday, March 2, 2009

malaysiakini and THWARTING democracy in PERAK

I purposely wrote "democracy" without a capital letter for it looks as if some desperate people are going all out to prevent the sitting of the emergency session called by the Speaker as decribed in this malaysiakini article State building to be closed tomorrow.
Funnily enough, the NST has a similar story on the main URL but when you click the story, it says the URL is not available.
First they hijack the MB's post, now they want to quarantine the State building; do you think they will next hold the sultan to ransom?
Do they think the good people of Perak will let them carry on like this if state elections are held?
The cry for freedom in Perak is so loud that only the very desperate will not heed the call for justice.
Let us all pray for justice to prevail in Perak.

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