Thursday, March 26, 2009

malaysiakini and CHANGE for UMNO?

It will be really good if indeed UMNO can change for the better as Malaysia will truly gain from such a remote event happening.
I am sure some betting folks will give you a 100 to 1 benefit that we will see UMNO reform itself to win the next general elections. That is a a free and fair election campaign where the government plays fair, without making use of taxpayers' funds and resources for campaigns.
What of the UMNO elections? The most interesting news from malaysiakini is Shahrizat wins Wanita chief postdefeating the strong and long-standing Rafidah Aziz. If the latter had been a man, she would have been a possible Prime Minister of Malaysia.
The word "change" was prominently used by so many candidates as it is a term made fashionable these days by Obama.
But change has so many connotations - change for the better or worse?
The next few weeks will tell and some bloggers are already predicting a clamp-down on government critics.

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