Sunday, March 1, 2009

malaysiakini and Banning ALLAH

Here we go again - ALLAH is being mocked when we allow ministers with petty minds to look after His Affairs.
Malaysia must be the only nation where the word "ALLAH" is being given a copyright; a God reserved only for Muslims.
We all know religion is the most sensitive topic and yet we get ministers who change their minds on whims and fancies.
If it was not a change of mind, then it is sheer arrogance and callousness when government gazettes can be made without proper vetting and scrutiny.
According to this malaysiakini article Another U-turn: Ban on 'Allah' in Christian publications remains.
This is what happens when people with pea-brains are made responsible for the affairs of heaven.
If we truly practise freedom of religion, we should allow anyone to convert into, or out of any religion. Of course religious leaders will protest but to me it is up to each individual to seek his own redemption and search for his own way to ALLAH.
The U-turn on tolls was another major case of a lack of any thinking but this religious U-turn smacks of sheer religious discrimination.

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