Wednesday, March 4, 2009

malaysiakini and DEATHS in Malaysia

Yesterday, democracy was dealt a severe blow in Perak when the police and the courts made decisions that basically put the patient into the ICU. Yes the frail condition of democracy in Perak requires intensive care or the patient will not make it to the next general elections.
As this malaysiakini article shows, there is a glimmer of hope but many people think that may only be a false hope. Ball now in sultan's court .
The events in Perak are enthralling as most of us would not have read any of the articles of constitutional law and I suspect with the detailed phrasing and punctuation, many lawyers and even judges also may not fully understand the actual meaning and intent of the laws; especially since English fell from favour in the 70s.
The police showed an uneven hand by locking up the Assembly and obstructed the state assemblymen from gathering thereby preventing them from doing the duties they were elected to do.
In the case of 22-year old Kugan(see the video), it appears that the AG has been too slow in getting the officers charged. It also appears that the doctor who performed the first autopsy did not discharge his or her professional duties properly. It was definitely a case of not revealing the truth or misleading by claiming that death was caused by "water in the lungs".
We know there are criminal elements in the courts from the Lingam tapes and also Kugan's death shows police brutality, murder and cover-up by senior officers and related departments like the autopsy section. Isn't covering up a murder a chargeable offence?
So the critical state of the nation in Perak leaves us all disappointed and sad; especially when those who have the authoity act as if things will somehow muddle through.
Many Malaysians feel there is already anarchy in our institutions and if things are not put right, there could be anarchy on the streets.

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