Monday, March 16, 2009

malaysiakini and LEARNING from PAKISTAN

They say one should not be so proud so as not to learn from others.
Pakistan is considered a developing nation and to most Malaysians, we tend to lump it together with Bengladesh from where we get thousands of migrant workers.
The picture is one of poverty and struggle for the masses especially since the nation has been under military rule for many years and the recent terrible slaughter of political leaders like Benazir Bhutto.
So Malaysians feel we are definitely better off than Pakistan.
But this latest news in malaysiakini that Pakistan reinstates sacked chief justice shows that the Pakistani people know that once the judiciary becomes corrupted, then the nation's rule of law collapses.
Maybe they observed how Malaysians all became dumb in the Judiciary crisis of 1988 and the subsequent problems that exist even today.
Let us hope that Pakistan is successful in creating a fair system for all so that we can learn from them.

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