Monday, March 30, 2009

malaysiakini and WHY Abdullah Can DELAY LEAVING

The UMNO show has ended but that is only one part of the equation for Abdullah Badawi to decide when he should be leaving office.
After all, being the President of UMNO the political party does not automatically make one the Prime Minister of the nation; though that has been the normal practice as UMNO was the dominant party.
So it is not surprising that this malaysiakini article Pak Lah: Stop pestering me on handover date suggests the deed is not complete yet.

I suspect there are at least 2 elements to consider before we move to a more finalised date:
1.The outcome of the 3 by-elections to be held within the next 10 days. A disastrous showing by BN will cast serious doubts on the new leadership team.
2.The bargaining for Cabinet posts etc - he will lose all leverage once he steps down.

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