Tuesday, March 24, 2009

malaysiakini and BANNING the HOME MINISTRY?

The Home Ministry is a rather clumsy organisation and I suspect they often exceed the powers that have been given to them.
Apart from threatening people with the ISA for using the word "ALLAH", they have now issued an order for Harakah, Suara Keadilan banned 3 months according to the malaysiakini article.
They accuse the newsletters of printing stories that fall under their criteria of "wrong and sensational reporting".
I wonder if any story that criticises the Home Ministry will be deemed suitable.
If the Home Ministry argues that promoting their political ideology is deemed OK, they should ask the Information Ministry to conduct televised debates so that viewers can get better information during the 3-month ban. Perhaps the Ministry is not aware that 3 important by-elections are being held soon?
Meanwhile, take a listen of this song that has been banned by the Selangor religious authorities.
It is interesting that this beautiful song entitled "Allah Peduli" translates into "God Cares" and I just wonder how any religious authority could ban a song with such a positive message. Also note that the clip is taken from RCTI, an Indonesian channel. I wonder why Indonesia with a 90% Muslim population has a more tolerant attitude towards other religions compared to Malaysia which probably has about 55% Muslims?

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