Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An Interesting Letter in malaysiakini.....

Amid all the fanfare and universal calls for change in UMNO from worn-out leaders with strident messages, there is this interesting letter in malaysiakini Only by unity can we thrive .
I am sure that most ordinary Malaysians know that people of all races in the country mostly work well together; the problems only arise when we let the politicians dictate terms.
So I suggest we should all make a paradigm shift and make sure our MPs reflect our wishes in Parliament or we kick them out in the next General Elections.
For too long, Malaysians have been too complacent and we allowed the MPs to misbehave.

The letter is a little verbose but I think the conclusion is good. I quote:
"Please understand that only by unity can we thrive, the unity that is Malaysian irrespective of our thoughts and our diversified backgrounds. Only humanity alone will prevail because we are well- balanced and level-headed Malaysians and our leaders should not take us for a ride."

Many leaders have taken us for a ride for umpteen years. It is time we kicked them off the train.

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