Thursday, March 12, 2009

malaysiakini and the CREDIBILITY of the MACC

This newly-minted body is acting mighty strangely.
First of all it earned a name for itself ie "Malaysian Commission for Cows and Cars" after it announced in a press conference that they had sufficient evidence against the Selangor MB for corruption - that was a month ago and since then everything appears forgotten or they realise they made fools of themselves.
Or maybe they are having second thoughts about how to proceed with the case given more dirt being disclosed by the new Selangor government about past officials and their wives.
For example according to malaysiakini, it is possible that Khir Toyo may have breached Money Laundering Act.
So many people are skeptical about the latest MACC decision that both AG, IGP 'cleared' in black-eye case according to malaysiakini.
The manner in which the 3 retired judges conducted their so-called independent inquiry also merits some questions. It was all done in a cloak and dagger environment in that there were no open hearings for the public to know who was called to testify and what questions were asked. I guess "transparency" is not part of the MACC culture.
In other words, the MACC becomes another tool like the ISA, to quell opposition to government. If they are truly unbiased, why did they keep quiet all these months? It seems this newly minted body has already tarnished its new trappings.
I believe the BN is not capable of providing a fair government anymore and needs to learn how to reform in the Opposition bench and I urge all Malaysians to decide to put them there so they can remain part of a 2-party system.

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