Friday, October 10, 2008

malaysiakini Reader's Response to NAJIB's Outburst

Anyone who watched Najib's performance on TV when he opened the horse endurance race recently would have noticed he was very upset - he appeared to be blowing a fuse when he ranted at the Hindraf supporters' crashing the open house at PWTC.
As this reader from malaysiakini writes 'You respect us first Najib, not we you', the future(?) PM should realise that respect must be earned and not demanded.
Just because you are the Prime Minister does not mean the people respect you. Of course they will give due respect to the position you hold.
The Deputy Home Minister was reported to be taking action against the Hindraf supporters who went for the "open house".
To me the organisers are to be blamed for allowing such a group to congregate in the first place. The police should have known their plans and then allowed then to proceed but break them up into groups of 3 or 4 and separate them so that when they enter the reception hall, there should be no problems controlling a few people and just keep them moving along to the food area. In fact, security should be stepped up so that bags are discouraged and those who bring them should be searched.
Already the Home Ministry has scored no home runs with the ISA arrests and the MyKad scandals in Sabah and charging those rude Hindraf supporters will only blacken the ministry's record further.
I suggest a more conciliatory approach - send them a letter telling them that their behaviour at the Open house was not appropriate but that no further action is being taken against them.

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