Monday, October 13, 2008

malaysiakini and the PM's Comment on the Altantuya Allegations

I thought the case is still ongoing and so I will only touch on the PM's remarks as reported in the malaysiakini article headed Have faith in Najib, ignore Altantuya allegations: PM.
As far as any case is concerned, many Malaysians believe that justice is not served in the courts as the Executive has seriously damaged the Judiciary and tarnished its reputation.

As far as the trial is concerned, so far nothing has been reported as to the motive/s of the two "masked cops" for murdering the victim.
The other multi-million ringgit question is how were the immigration records erased and who authorised it.
As far as the PM singing praises of his intended successor, we know what happened the last time. The PM is not really the most qualified person to name his successor -indeed he really has no authority to do so.

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