Tuesday, October 14, 2008

malaysiakini on the PM's CALL to Have FAITH?

I watched Badawi on channelNewsAsia when he asked people to support Najib and he was asked a question related to the malaysiakini article Have faith in Najib, ignore Altantuya allegations: PM.
The PM's body language was really pathetic - eyes shifting all over the place and looking down and he spoke with hardly any conviction when declaring that Najib "would be a good person" etc.
When he spoke on the economy, it was no different - just harping on the high savings rate and little else. No reasoning on high the steep falls in 2 major exports will be impact the government's revenue and nothing on how they will reduce their profligate spending.
Maybe someone should ask him today why he was absent from Parliament yesterday and no government ministers attended. Surely he is not busy campaigning for the UMNO elections? Isn't attendance in Parliament more important at this critical time?

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