Friday, October 3, 2008

malaysiakini and How to Lose Your RIGHTS.....

There was a movie a few years back called "The Net" wherein a woman became the victim of identity theft.
This malaysiakini story reflects that Citizen-turned-PR shows clear need for royal probe is an example of life imitating art. Just imagine that losing a MyKad can result in a denial of citizenship rights.
Just imagine a senior citizen being subject to such treatment since February 2007 as the according to malaysiakini
Sabah NRD would conduct a thorough investigation into the case and the complainant would be informed in due course.
What I cannot understand is why her bank accounts have been frozen too. Surely the banks will be able to make a positive identification with the red IC?
As for another Royal Commission - well, we are waiting for some action on the IPCMC(3 years now) and the Lingam Tapes Circus.
Maybe a RC may be good only after the BN leaves the seat of government.

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Trashed said...

The Net was a movie starring Sandra Bullock and featured how problems magnify once you are "out" of the system.