Wednesday, October 8, 2008

malaysiakini Plays the Music for Badawi

This letter in malaysiakini Now it is Pak Lah's turn to face the music shows that leaders should come and go but the well-being of the nation should be protected.
After all, no person is indispensable if we have proper systems in place.
UMNO too has not been spared the winds of change that now call for a more democratic change process, compared to their tradition of leaders seeking to extend their family interests through a alternate "mine and yours" power-sharing system that creates little opportunity for genuine change from outsiders.
For example if Najib wins the UMNO Presidency, it is likely that Hishamuddin's star will rise as they are cousins just as Khairy's shines when Badawi remains in office.
So it is a healthy development that more leaders have decided to contest the Deputy President's post.
If UMNO is really a democratic party that operates on sound policies there is no reason for avoiding leadership contests for it enables people to taste defeat and also savour victories. If you read the life story of Abraham Lincoln and his failures, no one thought he would ever become a President of the USA.

Top leadership positions should not be handed over on a silver platter but should be won after a tough competition. Muhyiddin Yassin should take a leader's stance and compete for the President's position if his ambition is to be the PM. As he is 6 years older than Najib, it is not likely that the latter will make way for him in the future unless he has a serious health problem and don't forget his cousin will be aiming for the top job too in about 10 years.

By throwing down a firm challenge, MY can offer UMNO grass-roots members an alternative as many may not be too happy with the "transition of power" project.
After any competition, it is the duty of the victors to offer a hand of friendship to the losers to rebuild party goodwill.

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