Wednesday, October 1, 2008

malaysiakini - BOAT TRAGEDY a BREACH of National Security?

Is Malaysia facing a security threat from unlicensed boats and undetected operators?
According to the malaysiakini article 12 dead in boat accident in Port Klanga spokesman told AFP

"We suspect the boat was overloaded. It is a wooden boat meant for carrying goods and not for ferrying people. But it is usually used to carry illegals," local marine police chief Marzuki Ismail told AFP.
How do they make the above conclusions unless they have prior knowledge? If so, why is the boat still allowed to operate in Malaysia?

Then there is this other report BARGE TRAGEDY: Victims recall tragic ride wherein one of the victims claimed
He said the agents claimed they had to pay off the police and Immigration officials

The ACA should be asked to investigate this human tragedy that involves the dangerous transport of illegals.
Moreover it really involves national security when boatloads of people (possibly terrorists) can enter and leave Malaysia with impunity.

Photo: Thanks to NST

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