Thursday, October 30, 2008

malaysiakini : The FAILURE of the NEP

There are two articles in malaysiakini that indicate the failure of the NEP.
The first article PKNS - 'Get the best person for the job' gives the reactions of ordinary folks who are upset that the staff associations of PKNS do not want a Chinese to head the organisation.
The second article PAS Youth warns MCA not to harp on NEP is interesting that an opposition group still harps on the NEP that has not really benefitted the poor.
The NEP ended in 1990 but was not buried by the BN government - they just changed the name and rebranded it to continue with their cronyism so that the ruling elites gained at the expense of the really poor and marginalised.

To me a policy like the NEP should have been used for 15 years tops. During those 15 years, a program to ensure that every Malaysian family produced at least one graduate in a useful/needed occupation would have eradicated poverty and built vital manpower.
But because the NEP deviated from its intended purpose, we now have thousands of unemployable graduates who still clamour "Give us MORE!"

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