Friday, October 17, 2008

malaysiakini on the BANNING of HINDRAF

It is a problem that is not going to vanish with the magic wand of the Home Minister.
Just ban Hindraf as an illegal organisation and all the fears, hopes of the Indian community in Malaysia can be taken care of?
Some people think that such a ban actually refocuses the lack of imagination of the government to help the marginalised Indians as suggested in this malaysiakini article New lease of life for banned movement?.
By making the ban official and keeping the Hindraf leaders under the ISA, the government is forcing most of the Indian community into the waiting arms of the Opposition.
Why does Malaysia have such people in charge of a vital ministry like the Home Ministry. Losing a tiny offshore island is just a little loss of face but now this stern action against peaceful protests is an insult to all Malaysians.
I believe an action group like Hindraf can be useful if one thinks carefully on how to handle their genuine grievances.

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